Professional Beauty
By Leigh 


Professional Beauty offers specialist Pro Skin treatments to target specific skin conditions. If you are unsure or need professional advice I offer FREE Face Mapping Skin Analysis to then guide you towards a treatment plan. We design a treatment tailored around your skin with a Prescriptive Facial or homecare products

All treatments are tailored around your skin condition. Depending on your skin condition treatment includes: Steam facial cleanse, facial aromatherapy massage, exfoliation, treatment masque, prescribed products and advanced facial electricals / Light therapy to penetrate products.

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ProSkin 60 Treatment £55

ProSkin 30 Treatment £30


AgeSmart is designed to target premature ageing and slow down the ageing process. Key ingredients including peptides, vitamins, retinol and skin brighteners are used to protect and stimulate collagen and elastin to strengthen the epidermis, improve elasticity and skin texture. Recommended for early signs of ageing for those age 30+ and more mature skins needing a boost. Recommended every 4-6 weeks

Pro Power Peel 

A professionally tailored deep skin treatment. Customised according to your skin concern:

PowerClear - 2% Salicylic Acid, 10% Mandelic Acid, 15% Malic Acid and a patented TT Complex targets blemishes, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation and redness.

UltraBright - 30% Lactic Acid complexed with Phytic Acid, Mucor Fungal Extract, Grape Juice Extract and Tangerine Peel. Brightens and hydrates, reducing the appearance of early signs of ageing and helping to even skin tone.

Advanced Renewal Peel - 30% Glycolic Acid complexed with Opuntia Flower Extract and Phytic Acid reduces the appearance of hyper pigmentation while minimising the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Pro Power Peel 30 £65

Double Cleanse 10mins, Pro Power Peel 10 mins, Dermal Layering 10mins

Pro Power Peel 60 £90

Double Cleanse 10mins, Pro Power Peel 20mins (includes décolletage) Deep Treatment 20mins (Ion active serum, Masque, LED/Ultrasonic, Touch Therapy) Dermal Layering 10mins


UltraCalming is designed to target sensitive, sensitised and very reactive skins. Key ingredients soothe and calm inflammatory conditions such as rosacea, acne, eczema, chronically dry (allipoid) and recently resurfaced skins. Less is more is the best rule with this skin condition so treatment is recommended every 4-6 week with recommended home care management.

Powerbright is designed to target dull complexions, uneven skin tone and pigmentation. Key ingredients include peptides to target unstable melanocytes in the epidermal layers that are repsonsible for skin discolouration. This is great for acne scarring (post inflammmatory pigmentation), age spots (lentigines) hormonal pigmentation (melasma) and for all skin types from porcelain skins to darker skin types. For optimum results this is recommended as a course: 1 Facial per week for 4 weeks followed by monthly maintenance. For moderate to severe pigmentation reduction, am & pm application of the PowerBrite TRx over a 12 week period is recommended.

Active Clearing

Active Clearing targets adult acne. Key ingredients are used to neutralise bacteria, control sebum production, control skin cell accumulation and reduce angry inflammation in the skin. This can be combined with Ultracalming products to reduce redness or PowerBrite products to heal and repair acne scarring (post inflammatory pigmentation). Acne can be a persistent condition that needs to be managed and not always cured so a course of treatments is recommended depending on the grade of your acne: 1 Facial per week for 4 weeks leading to a monthly maintenance. Your daily skin care routine mainly determines the general condition of your skin so homecare products are an essential part of this treatment plan.