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By Leigh 


                       Complimentary Collagen Masque plus LED treatment with a Microneedling session  £95

 Combine a mini course of 3 proven key treatments to target skin laxity. Firms and Lifts -  An effective acne scarring treatment and skin smoothing technique: 

  Microneedling + Thermavisage Radiofrequency = CACI Non Surgical Facelift Half Price

Package cost = £205

  •  Microneedling OR Collagen Stimulaton Therapy. Treat lines, indented skin texture, open pores by creating tiny micro channels to plump the skin and draw collagen from the bottom up. Improving elasticity and skin smoothness. Includes a Glycolic cleanse, Dermaquest products including Plant stem cells to rebuild and strengthen cells. Cost £95

  • Radiofrequency Heat energy is created in the Dermis, Hypodermis and muscular fascia to tighten loose skin. This is a very popular treatment as it feels like a hot stone massage and delivers serious results. Elastin and collagen fibres are shortened and tightened to smooth and sculpt. Vacuum suction mechanically removes waste and lifts the skin tissue whilst LED warms, heals, rejuvenates, antibacterial, calming and anti inflammatory.   Cost £85

  • CACI Non surgical facelift uses micro current to simulate and tighten facial muscles seeing an immediate lift and tone. Boosts collagen and elastin, cell energy and cell absorption energises tired skin. Cost Half price wth above package (Offer £22.50) Normally £45


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Buy any 5 treatments - receive 6th FREE

Amino Peptide Complex £45

Use AM and PM


Matrixyl 3000 - Lifts and firms. Reduces wrinkles by 26% after 28 days, 45% after 2 months

Snap 8 - Botox effect. Blocks the synapse/communication between the nerve and muscle

Myoxinol - reduces the muscle cell contractions and formation of expression lines.

Contains an uplifting blend of essential oils.